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Do you require a smaller Pawtion?

If so how about our:

Doggy cupcakes

Available in packs of 4 or 6, your furry friend can enjoy all the indulgence of the special occasion cake, in a more munchable size. (Selections can alter)

Doggy cupcakes 4 Pack


Doggy cupcakes 6 Pack

CC6 £5.00 £7.00

“Chocolate” chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a firm favourite with children all over, and there is no reason that your hairy child has to miss out!!   Made with dog safe carob, these delicious cookies can help to improve your pampered pooch’s digestion and lower cholesterol.

“Chocolate” chip cookies  pack of 5

CCC5 £3.00

“Chocolate” chip cookies  pack of 10

CCC10 £5.00

“Woofies”    pack of 10 BW10  


“Bumper Biscuit Selection”      BBS      

Approx 25 “bones” + + + + 5 “Bears” 5 “Woofies” £4.00

Special Occasion Cake + “Bumper Biscuit Selection”  SOCBBS          

Approx 25 “bones” + + + + 5 “Bears” 5 “Woofies” + £12.00

6 Cupcakes+ “Bumper Biscuit Selection”  CCC6BBS          


(Selections can alter)


Gift Voucher £10  V10      

Available in £10,£15 and £20  versions      



£10.00 £15.00

Gift Voucher £15  V15      



Gift Voucher £20  V20      

“Bears”   pack of 10 Bbe10      


Peanut Bones, Teddies and Woofies

These everyday tasty treats are sure to get your bestest friend rolling over with joy!  Made with cholesterol- lowering oats and packed with proteins, vitamins and healthy fats from peanut butter, these treats are not only delicious they are a canine super food!!

Bones - “Bag of Bones” (approx 25) Bbo25 cookies


Each peanut bone contains only 12 calories - truly “no conscience” treats

picture showing doggy pizza a biscuit based pizza especially for dogs.contains no meat but looks like the real thing

Pizza     PZ1    £3.50

picture showing doggy tarts biscuit based tarts especially for dogs looks just like the real thing

Tarts (Box of 6)     TRT6

Approx 25 “bones” + + + + 5 “Bears” 5 “Woofies”


picture showing doggy doughnuts cake recipe based doughnuts decorated with dog safe icing  looks just like the real thing

Doughnuts (Box of 6)     DN6


NOTE   Local customers: - if you would prefer to pick your  order up direct from the bakery

Please email us at enquiries@buddyboobakery.co.uk before you place your order

We are based in ROTHERHAM, S. YORKS

Luxury birthday hamper of doggy treats for your favourite dog “Luxury Birthday Hamper” LBH 1 £20.00 For an extra special treat for an extra special friend the LUXURY BIRTHDAY HAMPER fills the bill. A personalised cake plus doughnuts, love tarts and a slice of doggy pizza - guaranteed to make the day special! RomanCart: View Cart

 For personalised cakes

          email us at


to discuss your requirements

NOTE-approx.  4 day turnaround time


“Special Occasion” CakeSOC 1£9.99

Whatever the occasion, your four legged friend will be delighted with our delicious, low fat - made to order cakes. Made from bone strengthening free range eggs our cakes are packed full of antioxidants from the honey and peanut flavoured sponge. Our sponges are topped with our own homemade dog safe white “icing” and are beautifully finished with a selection of our peanut bones and chocolate designs. The cake is 5 inch in diameter and 2.5 inch inch deep and will have a shelf life of approximately 2 weeks, since no additives or preservatives are used in any of our products.

picture of a two delicious wholesome homemade birthday celebration cake personalised especially for your dogs picture of personalised cake for the dog called Buddy one of the dog safe cakes from the range that your dog can enjoy

 For personalised cakes

          email us at


to discuss your requirements

NOTE-approx.  4 day turnaround time a full 5 inches dia. cake